Version 2.00

The program system DAEdalon is developed since the beginning of 2002 as an open FEM program by Dr.-Ing. Steffen Eckert and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Baaser.

It is based on MatLab and gives the user an open structure for developments for research and training purposes.

For the mesh generation the pre- and postprocessor GiD can be used since version 1.40. DAEdalon stands under the GNU General Public License. Each user hereby is refered to the regulations contained.


  • general solution of nonlinear, elliptical 2D and 3D boundary value problems (quasi-static problems)
  • general solution of nonlinear, hyperbolic 2D and 3D initial boundary value problems (dynamic problems)
  • Formulations alternatively in reference or actual configuration
  • open element and material interface
  • general nonlinear material behavior (elastic, inelastic)
  • flexible number of internal variables
  • several different material laws can be used in the same problem
  • Arc-length method
  • graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Use of GiD as Preprocessor is supported
  • Result files for undeformed and deformed mesh, contour plots, boundary conditions, node and element numbers, reaction forces
  • very flexible post processing by use of Perl Scripts

Current conditions of all implemented features (wird in neuem Tab geöffnet)

CAE-Forum: Forum on usage of DAEdalon

Booklet on Matlab based FEM Implementation